snow day editedHello, My name is Elizabeth and I am currently a senior in the School of Journalism and Communication at the University of Oregon. I have a focus in Public Relations with a minor in Media Studies. I expect to graduate in June of 2014 and plan on exploring various realms of Public Relations as I leave my collegiate years behind.

While I do not like to limit my future goals as a PR professional, I do ultimately aspire to work in non-profit public relations to fulfill my passion for helping others and facilitating change. In the mean time, I hope to first work for a public relations agency to further explore my interests and refine my skills as a PR professional. I have held two internships in the field of public relations and event planning since declaring my focus in PR, one of which is currently ongoing. I worked as a public relations and event planning intern for a local non-profit organization named Wellmama during the summer of 2013, which focuses on improving the mental and emotional health of prenatal and new mothers who are struggling with various issues. This experience taught me how to effectively communicate with program participants and business partners through both verbal and written methods and gave me basic leadership and PR skills I need to thrive in the world of public relations. Working with the organization’s unique subject matter bettered my understanding of the non-profit sector of PR while giving me a fresh perspective. This internship was largely based on verbal communication through in person and phone interviews. Additionally, I created a media kit consisting of promotional materials for one of Wellmama’s upcoming fundraisers.

Currently, I am working as a Public Relations Coordinator for a start-up social app called Hallspot that is based out of Eugene, Oregon. Working for a start-up company has required me to wear many hats, which has taught me to think on my feet and expect the unexpected. The Marketing and PR team I am a part of has successfully prepared and executed 10 marketing campaigns throughout the University of Oregon’s campus. Furthermore, my opportunity with Hallspot has required me to develop interpersonal relationships with affiliates and local businesses which has honed my communication skills and given me experience working with other professionals. My role with Hallspot has given me a solid foundation as a communication and public relations professional.

I cannot wait to begin my professional journey and experience the many opportunities the world of public relations has to offer. I am a fun-loving person and always try to live my life to the fullest. I enjoy spending time with family and friends, exploring new places, and curling up with a good book.


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