CSR Program Proposal: Intel

Below you will find a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) program proposal memo I created in a strategic communications course I took.

To: Brian Krzanich

From: Elizabeth Schulte

Date: February 4, 2014

Subject: “Intel World Ahead” CSR Program Proposal


As we know and have experienced many times here at Intel Corporation, education is a critical element to fostering the success of one’s future. Combined with technologically advanced software and speedy Internet access, our powerful and energy-efficient Intel-based PC’s and servers have allowed students to make the most of their educational careers and teachers to instruct more effectively for many years. Although we have generated a successful usership with our technologies being used in many areas of the world, only about 4-5% of people will have the opportunity to use these Intel devices, as the rest of the world’s population lacks regular access to a computer. Thus, Intel’s communication team is proposing the implementation of the “Intel World Ahead Program” CSR program into our business strategy, to ensure that the success of a child’s future is never hindered by the inability to access a modern computer.


For the Intel Work Ahead Program, our company will collaborate with local and worldwide organizations and companies to bring various developing countries more PCs, tools and services that will foster children’s successful futures. In order for this project to thrive, Intel will invest one billion dollars in technology-based education programs over the course of the next ten years. This funding will work towards the project’s main four objectives: developing low-cost, full-featured PCs for those using computers for the first time, extending our WiMAX technology and deployments worldwide, the implementation of digital-inclusion programs, the training of ten million teachers on the effective use of technology in education, and the donation of 100,000 PCs to classrooms in developing communities.


The Intel World Ahead Program is a great opportunity for Intel on both a business and communal level. The program’s implementation will reaffirm Intel’s strong belief in the power of education with Intel users, leading to an increase in public support and positive perception of our company. This positive attitude will in turn foster a healthy relationship between Intel and its consumers, and perhaps even create new recognition of Intel on a global scale as we hope to extend this program to 70 countries worldwide. This will be critical to our current economic strategy, as our 2012 Performance Summary, Recognition, and Goals report indicates our economic growth was significantly lower than we had projected headed into the year.  Additionally, this program will provide a unique way to transition our central value that education is power from a belief to an action. With the successful implementation of this program into a given community, it will increase student competitiveness and motivation, build necessary job skills and competencies, foster healthy economic development in the area, and cultivate social cohesiveness.


After conducting extensive research on the logistics of this rewarding CSR program, it is clear that we can not only afford to put this idea into action, but also that the Intel World Ahead Program will increase consumer loyalty, satisfaction, and worldwide recognition—hopefully leading to increased economic growth in the coming years. Thank you for taking the time to review Intel’s communications team’s CSR proposal and I look forward to hearing back from you regarding this CSR opportunity.   


Materials used:


Intel World Ahead Program fact sheet

Intel 2012 CRS report


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