Pitch Letter

Wellmama, Inc.
1245 Charnleton St.
Eugene, Oregon 97401
Pitch letter

Dear Media Representative,

With approximately 370,000 babies born each day, at least 370,000 women will experience the irreplaceable feeling of holding their child for the first time today. But what if, despite your tremendous expectations, the only thing you felt when laying eyes on your newborn child is crushing indifference?

Unfortunately, for one out of every seven women who will become a new mother today, this is the harsh reality they face during the first year after giving birth. Wellmama, Inc. believes that no mother should have to experience this feeling of indifference toward their new child after giving birth. Thus, our entire team here at Wellmama, Inc. is devoted to addressing the issues of postpartum depression and anxiety.

In order to attain this goal however, we need your assistance. Wellmama is currently organizing its first annual wine tasting event fundraiser, which is scheduled for February 4, 2014. The Wellmama organization would greatly appreciate it if your media organization could assist us in publicizing this upcoming event in any way you can.

 Wellmama’s wine tasting fundraiser would make for a great local news story, as over half of Eugene’s current population is female—a majority at the age to become new mothers. None of which are immune to the risk of developing postpartum depression and/or anxiety. Furthermore, because the topic of PPD and PPA is overlooked, it would be beneficial for Eugene citizens to increase their awareness about the issue as a means of prevention. 

This news story would also be very timely, as 2013 marks the year in which the largest scale study on postpartum depression in the U.S. was conducted, revealing that a surprisingly high number of women showed Postpartum depressive symptoms. The Northwestern Medicine study found that 14 percent of the pregnant and postpartum women tested screened positive for depression—a higher figure than what has been found in previous years. Emphasizing the importance of PPD and PPA awareness in the wake of these alarming results is critical.

Organizations that focus on PPD and PPA supportive services such as Wellmama are a critical component in lowering these rates, which is why these organizations are so important. In order to ensure a safe financial future, Wellmama hosts annual fundraisers such as this upcoming wine tasting event. That’s where your organization comes in. Due in part to the event’s large number of anticipated participants, our team is asking for your help to reach as many potential guests and future Wellmama participants as possible.

Along with this letter is a media kit for Wellmama’s wine tasting fundraiser, which contains promotional materials including a press release, social media plan, blog post, and a print flyer for the event. Also included is one of Wellmama’s recent newsletters to describe the many services we provide and how we can help women in need.

Please help Wellmama in the fight against postpartum depression and anxiety. For further information regarding this event or Wellmama as an organization, contact Public Relations Coordinator Elizabeth Schulte at (503) 544-3338.


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