Press Release

Press Release
Eugene City Hospital
Elizabeth Schulte

 Eugene City Hospital Becomes First Health Care Facility in Lane County to Implement Medicare Changes

EUGENE, Ore.—Eugene City Hospital will become the first in Lane County to announce implementation of Medicare’s new admission regulations beginning October 28, 2013. Eugene City Hospital has recognized its responsibility to respond to Medicare’s new guidelines for hospitalization.

 Medicare’s new admission guidelines require an admissions nurse to examine the hospital’s Medicare patients upon arrival to determine whether or not they meet at least one criterion from each of the two specified lists. These lists focus on both a Severity of Illness and Intensity of Service evaluation. However, the hospital has stated that no Medicare patient will be denied admission to Eugene City Hospital when immediate medical need is indicated by the attending physician, regardless of whether they have met the necessary criteria.

 Hospital Representative John Mitchell said these new guidelines “were implemented by the federal government to identify a patient’s payment source, not to deny them appropriate medical attention.” Of the hospital’s 1500 Medicare patients admitted to Eugene City Hospital, Mitchell estimates that about 60 may have issues meeting criteria for the new guidelines.

 If a patient fails to meet at least one criterion from each list, Medicare will offer a couple outpatient care services, including a Medicare certified home health care program and a hospice program.

 Additionally, if patients do not meet the required conditions for immediate hospitalization, they may still go forward with hospitalization through a different health insurance plan. In order to ensure abidance with Medicare’s new admission regulations, the Oregon Medical Professional Review Organization will monitor Eugene City Hospital for appropriate compliance.

 If you have any questions or concerns regarding the changes to Eugene City Hospital’s Medicare policies, please contact Public Relations Coordinator Elizabeth Schulte at (503) 544-3338 or visit the hospital at 1234 Willamette Street for more details.



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